February Newsletter Update!! 

Dear Fellow Hookers,

After weather delayed our January 19th meeting, we finally gathered on February 9. Officers are settling into our new roles.

Pamelyn has been adjusting and updating the website; be sure you refer to it often. The spring registration is now available and other registrations forms will be posted in a timely manner.

Attached to this letter are the current By-Laws and the proposed changes. Please open and read them ahead of the meeting date, April 6. We will vote on the changes at the meeting.

Judy Braunbeck, our newsletter coordinator, has resigned for health reasons. Please consider helping the BRHG by volunteering for this post. Since we need a newsletter coordinator, minutes and the treasurer’s report will be read as usual at the meeting.

HELP WANTED!!  BRHG Newsletter and/or Facebook Coordinator:  We are in need of a volunteer to assist in our communication efforts with the membership.  Please contact any one of your BRHG board members for details. 

See you April 6 (registration form on the SPRING EVENT TAB ABOVE) as we “TIPTOE THROUGH THE TULIPS”.

…and we will have a RUG SHOW at the April meeting, NOT a rug SHOE as I previously, and mistakenly, typed in my last letter. (Spell check did not catch that!) Bring as many rugs as you choose and want to carry for a fabulous display.






Reminder: If you haven’t renewed your membership please do so as soon as possible.  REGISTRATION FORMS for meetings and classes will be on the website and/or in a newsletter. As in the past, member renewals are due by January 31, 2019.  New members to BRHG are welcome to join anytime!  

If you know past members who have forgotten to renew their membership, or potential new members, please refer them to the website for the membership registration form to download and mail.

Watch for deadlines when turning in forms for events that require registration. You will notice some changes in how these are processed beginning this year. Such as, first deadlines will be for members to meet; if we find we  still have openings, the event, class, etc., will be offered to other guilds and the public in general. Other deadlines are because we need a head count for the caterers! Postmarks on your snail mail will help us know if a deadline has been met. I know some members do not have access to email/computer, so please, share with those you know who are in this pickle.  Likewise, another great reason to visit the BRHG website often is because of new information you will find here!

Together we can do much,

Linda Baughman