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January 2023

Dear Member, 

     Hopefully you were able to enjoy some creative rug hooking during the last few months of 2022 and are now looking forward to experiencing new challenges and creativity in 2023!

     For this next term the Board has one new face and a couple of members are in new positions, otherwise, the Board remains the same. Thank you to those who offered to serve another terms and those that stepped up to hold multiple positions during the interims. Our new face is Norita Blue. Norita is the Guild Treasurer and Gwen and I will be switching positions for this term; with myself as President and Gwen as your Guild Secretary. Please consider filling the Show Chair position, which still remains open with Maddy pulling double duty as both Education Chair and Show Chair.

     Your Program Chair, Kay Thode and Co-Chair, Trish Baker, are putting the finishing touches on the Spring Hook-In and Meeting that is slated for April 15, 2023. Kris Miller's sold out class will be held on the days prior to the Hook In and Kris will be a vendor during the Saturday event. I am excited to see the finished William Morris Bunny patterns that will be on display and then later this summer will be "hopping" over to Sauder Village as a featured guild exhibit. A Thank You to Maddy Fraioli for organizing this challenge; it is exciting for our Guild to be represented at Sauder in this manner!

     Our fall class is scheduled for October 5 and 6, 2023 with the Hook-In and Meeting being held on Saturday, the 7th. A two day class will be taught by our own Maddy Fraioli who will be teaching India inspired block print patterns. You will find complete details on Maddy's brochure located on the Guild website. Knowing that Maddy has personally visited India, I'm excited to see first hand how much information she has to share on this rug hooking topic!

     As Education Chair, Maddy has some amazing teachers already scheduled for 2024, these teachers will be announced at a later date so continue to peruse the guild website for the latest news, teacher brochures, and Board and Business Meeting minutes. Some website information is for members only and can be accessed by using the password. As always, please do not share this password with non-members.

     I am excited about this new year and what has already been planned for the membership! Please consider signing up for upcoming classes and supporting the Guild's Education Program! What an exciting way to support the guild, learn something new, and ignite your creativity! We appreciate our members and want to offer you the opportunity to learn from some of the best teachers in our fiber art world!

Linda Powell


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