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Throw Down Rug Show Cards

Click on the pdf icon to go to a printable pdf file. Use desktop computer to print.

throw down

Old Tattered Flag Download PN Santa

Free download, permission granted by The Old Tattered Flag. Example in photo punched by Gwen Hess. Click photo for printable pdf file. Thank You OTF!


Flutterby Garden PN Pattern by Gwen Hess

Click on the photo for pdf file of Gwen Hess' punch needle pattern.

Flutterby Garden.png

Rug Labels

Click on the pdf icon for a printable pdf file of these rug labels. Use your desktop computer to print. You may also want to print on June Tailor fabric sheets for inkjet printers.

Rug Labels.jpg

Beading Instructions by Laura Powell

Click on the photo for pdf file of Laura Powell's instruction for how to hook the beading technique.


Julie Van Wey's Halloween RH pattern

Click on the photo for pdf file of Julie Van Wey's rug hooking pattern for Halloween season.

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