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Norita Blue MS.jpg

Norita Blue, the guild’s new treasurer, is a familiar face in our rug hooking world.


While visiting a Bed and Breakfast, Norita noticed the hooked rugs hanging on the walls.  She asked the owner about the rugs and the owner had a friend who set Norita up with a simple round 10” mat and showed her how to hook. She’s been “hooked” since!


After her initial introduction, she came across a friend a year later who hooked and invited her to her house once a month with a group.  Norita met Katie Allman there, who loaned her a frame.  Norita bought a pattern from Katie and the rest is history.


Norita has been hooking for 9 years and hooks in a variety of sizes.  She tends to navigate to a 3 cut and enjoys pictorials. Her teachers include Linda Powell, Donna Hrkman, Sue Clark, and Katie Allman.


Her favorite camp is in Manistee Michigan and if she could offer any advice, it would be to take classes and workshops and join rug hooking guilds.


I’ve included some pictures of Norita’s beautiful rugs.

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