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Katie Carpenter

In 1988, Katie found her first rug hooking pattern in a Woman’s Day magazine.  The pattern was free so Katie ordered supplies and taught herself to hook.  She was demonstrating how to hook at a town function when she was approached by Susan Nash.  Susan was starting a hooking group and the rest is history! 


Katie said that the hooking group taught her so much.  There was lots of sharing and teaching as other members would attend classes or camps. Her first rug was on burlap and unfortunately, was ruined when it got wet.


She joined the Buckeye Rug Hooking Guild when it was started in Zanesville and has been a member ever since.


Katie says that she is not a good student when attending classes.  When the teacher says to use a certain color, Katie always wants to use something else.  Could that color be purple?!


Katie’s advice to a new hooker is to find a group to hook with because you always learn from others.  She also said to start with something small, like a mug rug.  If you start too big, you might get frustrated.


As you walk through Katie’s house, you see her hooked rug everywhere.  But did you know she is also a talented painter?  


Please enjoy the pictures of Katie’s many rugs, along with some of her paintings.

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