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Janet Hamstead

Janet lives in Mount Vernon with her daughter and son-in-law. She has hooking friends close by, just across the street actually, where a small group of friends meet once a month at the home of Ann Jordan. This is where I came to know Janet's beautiful work and wanted to throw a light on it to share with all of you. 

Janet's mother-in-law taught her to hook in the 1960's but she had many other interests and did not pursue it at that time. As a native West Virginian, Janet taught Fiber Arts, Design and Art for the Non-Major at two universities. Her favorite class was Art for the Non-Major where Janet guided the students in their study of the art subject that they were most interested in. Janet also taught fiber classes at the West Virginia Craft School at Cedar Lakes. 


After Janet's husband suffered a health issue, she sold her fiber arts equipment and supplies from her weaving studio. Janet decided she wanted to enjoy her arts education like she had helped her students to do. She joined a guild and picked up a hook again in 2005. Janet has 15 rugs of varying sizes under her belt, is still loving the art and still teaching in a slightly smaller way.. 


Rugs photographed below are designs of Roche River House, Jen Kleinhenz and Jan Grose, hooked by Janet Hamstead.

Janet Hamstead.jpg
JHamstead rug.jpg
JHamstead rug 4.jpg
JHamstead rug 3.jpg
JHamstead rug 2.jpg
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