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our 2020 stay at home rugs

Two cool rugs submitted by Carolyn Blackwood.

Gwen Hess:  You'll have to zoom in on the photo to the right in order to "get" why there is a photo of my husband's '62 Fairlane. The rug that lays across the back seat says, Too Old for this Shit. Forgive the french.

Right:  "Boston" designed by Anne Bond, Visions of Ewe; hooked, color planned, and custom dyed wools by Gwen Hess.

Storm's a comin'. Self designed Gwen Hess

Playing with images of my personal home. Gwen Hess

"Out in the Garden" designed by Maggie Bonanomi and hooked by Gwen Hess at Lynn Davis' workshop in Millersburg with Caroline Twigg.